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Size 1 Quart
1 Gallon

Item No: 2214




Brandt INDICATE 5 is the choice of expert growers across North America for getting the most out of their spray programs. Patented Brandt INDICATE 5 is the only adjuvant that contains a built in pH indicator, turning the spray water pink as soon as the optimum level of 4.5 to 5.5 is reached. Mixing Brandt INDICATE 5 into your spray solution requires no lab tests, litmus paper, or guesswork and eliminates the need to test the water pH with any additional equipment. Brandt INDICATE 5 counters both the detrimental effects of high pH and hard water on sensitive pesticides. Also acts as a wetting, spreading and penetrating agent resulting in an even film of spray over the leaf and better pesticide performance.

  • Acidifies
  • Indicates pH
  • Buffers
  • Wets, spreads and penetrates.
  • Aids compatibility and reduces volatility.
  • Safe for use in all spray equipment.

    BRANDT Indicate 5 eliminates the guesswork when converting to spray water, by adding the amount needed to turn your water pink you will have water that has all the properties your nutrients, insecticides and fungicides need for them to do their job. BRANDT Indicate 5 will acidify all alkaline waters as well as neutralize the dissolved salts present in hard waters.

    Always read and follow label for detailed instructions. For general use:

    Add water to tank or spray tank. Add desired amount of Brandt INDICATE 5 or until solution turns pink for a pH between 4.5 – 5.5. Fill tank with balance of fertilizer or water. Add other chemicals. Agitate adequately to mix. If the tank mix solution turns clear upon the addition of the remaining chemicals and remaining water, add additional Brandt INDICATE 5 until tank mix solution turn pink.
    Not for sale in the state of California and Washington.